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Contact Information

1890 Research

Dr. Louis Whitesides
1890 Research Administrator
Office: (803) 536-8971


1890 Extension

Delbert T. Foster
Acting Vice President for
Research and Economic Development
and Executive Director of 1890 Research and Extension
Office: (803) 516-4990 or (803) 536-8191

Laura Taylor
Administrative Coordinator
Office: (803) 516-4750

Janie Grant
Administrative Assistant
Office: (803) 536-8460

Keisha Dickson
Senior Extension Director, Internal compliance and Grant Management
Office: (803) 516-8768

Tokmeco James
Senior Extension Director, Fiscal Affairs
Office: (803) 516-4745

James Smith
Computer Systems Engineer
Office: (803) 516-4577

Visit Extension to get contact information for Extension staff who work in the following areas:

• 4-H Youth Development
• Adult Leadership and Community Development
• Community Education
• Family Life
• Northeastern Corridor of Orangeburg Community Development Corporation
• Small Farm Assistance and Outreach
• Anderson County
• Greenwood Cluster
• Hampton Cluster
• Marlboro Cluster
• Orangeburg Cluster
• Williamsburg Cluster

Visit Research to get contact information for 1890 researchers.

Contact information for all other 1890 Research & Extension staff may be obtained through the SC State Staff Directory.