The mission of WSSB-FM is to give the University an outlet for the presentation of enrichment programs of an academic, cultural, artistic and informational nature.

A public broadcasting facility, WSSB-FM serves as a training lab for students and is fully committed to providing life-long learning opportunities for the citizens of the state and qualified students of varied talents and backgrounds in a caring and nurturing learning environment.


WSSB began broadcasting in 1985 when the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC) granted an educational license to South Carolina State University. WSSB-FM Radio is operated by the Office of University Relations & Marketing at South Carolina State University. WSSB-FM Radio broadcast at 90.3 MHz with 80,000 watts of power. The station’s signal covers the tri-county area of Orangeburg, Calhoun, and Bamberg Counties. WSSB-FM, with 80,000 watts, is the most powerful noncommercial college radio station in the state. WSSB 90.3-FM broadcast 24 hours a day/365 days a year utilizing staff, students, and community volunteer operators.

WSSB has developed a highly successful music format consisting of primarily smooth jazz with a blend of R&B Oldies, Gospel, Blues, and Hip Hop which has gained the respect and support of the university faculty, staff, students, the Orangeburg community and surrounding communities. WSSB-FM Radio is affiliated with NPR (National Public Radio); AURN (American Urban Radio Network); APM (American Public Media) which supply the station with news, time, sports, current event features, and diverse music programs.