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  • SC State’s Agribusiness Program to host Agribusiness Institute

    Agribusiness Institute to promote careers in Agribusiness

  • SC State's Agribusiness Program presents the Agribusiness Multicultural Scholarship Program

  • SC State’s Agribusiness Summer Camp attracts South Carolina High School Students

    22 high school juniors and seniors representing five area high schools attended the summer camp.

  • Department of Accounting, Agribusiness & Economics

    This Department offers three Bachelor of Science Degree programs in the following areas: Accounting, Business Economics, and Agribusiness.

  • Executive Speaker Series - Agriculture/Agribusiness Industry in a Global Context

    Featured Speaker: Hugh Grant, President/CEO of Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MO

  • SC State co-hosts International Agribusiness Conference in India

  • South Carolina Commissioner, Hugh Weathers, to Speak at SC State's Executive Speaker Series

  • Glover Hickson IV to receive SC State's first MBA degree

  • SC State Hosts the “Adrian Project” Student Fraud Conference

  • Banker Isaac Bennett, ‘90, featured in Nov. 7 Executive Speaker Series

  • SC State University's Career Center Hosted the Annual Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair

    "Higher Education Is Essential"

  • Two New Assistant Vice Presidents Appointed to Academic Affairs at SC State University

  • Andy Lowrey, President /CEO AGFirst Farm Credit Bank, Executive Speaker, Feb. 13

  • Eleven SC State Faculty and Staff Members Inducted into the Quarter Century Club

  • Live-Learn-Explore for the 2011 Summer School and Summer Activities Program at SC State

  • T’Anna Michelle Roberts Elected Miss Homecoming 2009

  • Degree Programs – Undergraduate Catalog

  • SC State University Celebrates 39th Anniversary of Business Week

  • 1890 Research awards $1.5M to SC State faculty researchers

  • SC State's 1890 Research & Extension Program to host USDA's AgDiscovery

  • Weekly Executive Speaker Series resumes Aug. 29

    Lecture series enters its 11th year

  • Monsanto CEO to lecture in Sept. 26 Executive Speaker Series

  • SC State experiences land alumna on desired career path

  • SC State logistics research to address the high cost of getting biofuel to the pumps

  • SC State’s Fall 2009 Executive Speaker Series Begins for the Fall 2009 Semester

  • “Changing the Perception One Community at a Time”

    Zachary Delano Middleton Encourages His Peers to Believe in Greatness!

  • SC State celebrates its cultural diversity in 5th Annual International Awareness Month

    Parade, Film Festival, Forum series planned