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Department of Education

Dr. Charlie SpellThe Department of Education is the professional unit responsible for the preparation of educational personnel for South Carolina public schools: grades K-12, elementary and secondary. The unit prepares teachers, counselors, principals and superintendents. It also collaborates with the College of Business and Applied Professional Sciences in the preparation of speech correctionists and the School of Graduate Studies to prepare principals and superintendents.


The unit has adopted the Competency/Performance Based Model that produces graduates with distinctive qualities and characteristics. The organizing theme, which reflects the purpose of the Teacher Education Program, is: The Professional Educator as an Effective Performer, Reflective Decision Maker, and Humanistic Practitioner. Consistent with the purpose evidenced in this theme, the Teacher Education Program produces graduates who are: (1) effective performers, (2) reflective decision-makers, (3) humanistic practitioners.


Dr. Charlie Spell

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Department of Education
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