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Undergraduate Programs

Art Education

Dr. Tolulope O. FilaniDr. Tolulope O. Filani, Coordinator
The Program of Visual Arts has been a leading Program in art exhibits musical and choral concerts, to theatre productions. The Program of Visual Arts nurtures the creative and cultural lives of our students, staff and faculty.

Biology and Chemistry Education

Dr. Marion RobinsonDr. Albert Hayward, Coordinator
The Program of Biology Education strives to build a strong foundation for students in life science, implementing research on problems in the field and new knowledge in its findings. It also seeks to stimulate an interest in scientific inquiry and diversity of living organisms.

The Program in Chemistry Education is a training ground to allow students the freedom to customize greater levels of sophistication through learning opportunities to fit their goals and needs in becoming Chemistry and/or physical science teaches. This program also promote meaningful leaning and understanding of science through the implementation of pedagogical strategies such as inquiry that enable the critical thinking skills.

Business Education

Dr. Marion RobinsonDr. Marion Robinson, Coordinator
The Program of Business provides students an opportunity to enhance their multi-cultural understanding of the business world, and build a strong global business foundation at South Carolina State University.

Drama Education

Ms. Ursula O. Robinson, Coordinator

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Marion RobinsonDr. Bessie Cooke, Coordinator
The Program of Early Childhood Education strives to prepare dedicated students in the field of education in acquiring the knowledge to understand how you children develop and learn, meeting the evolving needs of our society

Elementary Education

Dr. Marion RobinsonDr. George Hicks, Coordinator
The Program of Education emphasizes preparing effective teachers, leaders and researchers, conducting and applying research and offers global outreach at South Carolina State University.

English Education

Dr. Ghussan Green, Coordinator
The Program of Education emphasizes preparing effective teachers, leaders and researchers, conducting and applying research and offers global outreach at South Carolina State University.

Physical Education

Dr. Audry McCrary Quarles, Coordinator
The Program of Health Education generates knowledge and fosters engaged learning in assessing students teaching methods and practices, so the curriculum provides the most current, effective and innovation teaching in health education.

The Program of Physical Education strives to implement lifetime skills in physical activity offering a rich variety of courses in ability and interest. The program is committed to diversity emerging with understanding

Technology Education

Dr. Nayo Mack, Coordinator
The Technology Education Program is a teacher’s career field that prepares students to work in a changing global society.

Math Education

Dr. Charles ZeiglerMr. Sam McDonald, Coordinator
The Mathematics Program enables students to design and compute an environment to focus on supplementing the primary work of their major.

Middle Level Education

Dr. Valerie Fields, Coordinator

Music Education

Dr. Rosetta Dingle, Coordinator
The Program of Music is an important facet of the arts at South Carolina State University. The program provides opportunities for students to develop their talents in the various aspects of music performance and industry.

Social Studies Education

Dr. Bernice Moore-GreenDr. Bernice Moore-Green, Coordinator
The Secondary Social Studies Program is designed to prepare teachers who possess the knowledge, skills, and disposition to become an effective high school teacher of social studies.

Speech Pathology Education

Mrs. Debra Fishberg, Coordinator
The aim of the Speech Pathology and Audiology Program is to train students to become first-rate scholars and speech and language clinicians who are theoretically sophisticated and attuned to the issues, polemics, and approaches that define the profession currently as a field o f intellectual endeavor.

Special Education

Dr. Bernice Moore-GreenDr. George Johnson, Coordinator
The Special Education Program empowers their students through preparation of teachers who function effectively in collaboration with regular classroom teachers an d focusing on the educational needs of students with disabilities in a regular classroom setting.