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Department Offerings

Majors: Professional English
English Education
Modern Languages – Spanish Concentration
Minors: Professional English
Modern Languages - Spanish Concentration

Professional English

The program in Professional English stresses the development of reading, writing and analytical skills in relation to the interpreting and understanding of significant literary works.  These skills are important for students who plan to do advanced study in English, or who would like to pursue careers in those fields requiring English communication skills, such as advertising, editing, law, journalism, and public relations. The liberal arts background of the English major may also be useful in the areas of government, business, and industry, all of which emphasize effective communication.

Students who select Professional English as a minor must complete the following 18 semester hours in addition to English 150-151 and 250 or 251: English 201, 202, 302, 305 or 306, 317 and 318.

English Education

The program in the Teaching of English is designed to prepare students to meet teacher certification requirements in the state. It also essentially equips students for teaching careers at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

The curriculum in English Education includes the following thirty-nine hours in the teaching specialization: E 201, English Literature, Part I (3); E 202, English Literature, Part II (3); Foreign Language 201 (3); FL 202 (3), E 317, American Literature, Part I (3); E 312, The Development of Modern English (3); E 316, Literary Criticism (3); E 302, Advanced College Grammar and Composition (3); E 318; American Literature, Part II (3); E 403, Shakespeare (3); E 405, Modern Grammar (3); S 301, Speech for the Classroom Teacher (3); E 406, Literature for Adolescents (3).

All English Education majors must include in their schedules these professional education courses: ED 206 Fund of Ed. (3); EPSY 250, Principles of Learning (3); SPED 216, Introduction to the Exceptional Child (3); ED 260 History and Philosophy of Education (3); ED 308 Generic Methods (3); RED 317, Reading in the Secondary School (3); ED 425, Specialized Methods (3); and ED 430, Professional Clinical Experiences (12).

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Area of the Department of English and Modern Languages only offers a Concentration in Spanish at this time. The Modern Languages student will have opportunities for travel and study abroad, and a final semester internship.  In addition to the primary language, the Modern Languages majors will be required to show proficiency in the second language by taking at least one three hour course above the intermediate level in a second language.

In addition to the general graduation requirements of the University, the department requires Modern Language majors to complete all language courses with a minimum grade of “C.”

A minimum of 15 credit hours at the 300 and 400 levels is required for a minor in Modern Languages (Spanish). A minimum grade of “C” is required in all foreign language courses pursued. Required courses are 201 and 202. Recommended courses are these: 305, 306, 309, 311, 312, 315, 317, 318, and 410.

The Area has recently added Mandarin Chinese to the curriculum thanks to the Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange (ALLEX).


With concentrations in Journalism and Broadcasting, Communications is an imperative and pertinent discipline for the student who is interested in the critical issues of who, when, where, how and why of media operations and influence.

SC State’s  Communications majors will have opportunities to work and use SC State’s public radio station WSSB-FM; the student newspaper, The Collegian;  the University’s Public Relations and Marketing department, 1890 Research and Extension, Sports Information Director’s Office,  and Digital Media Lab; and the program’s  Electronic Newspaper and Video Labs in order to do practicums and to enhance hands-on skills.

All Communications minors (Journalism or Broadcasting) will take a total of 21 credit hours to complete their minor program. Out of the 21 credit credit hours, all minors will take 3 Core communications  courses (Jour 201, BC 201 and  Jour 302)  and 4 additionally courses from their chosen conentration to complete their minor program.

No grade below C in Communications courses will count as credit toward graduation.