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FCS Graduate Programs

The department is located in Staley Hall at South Carolina State University and is the only program in South Carolina accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. The department offers two graduate programs. Students can earn a Master of Science degree in Individual and Family Development (IFD) or Nutritional Sciences (NS). In addition, completing a certificate in Human Development is available to students in IFD.

The Individual and Family Development program is designed to prepare students with broad-based knowledge of the discipline and to facilitate performance of professional tasks with higher level competencies. The Nutritional Sciences program is designed to prepare students to become nutritionists and dietitians, and at the same time, meet the needs of individuals and groups. Students enrolled in NS can choose between options in Nutritional Health Care or Food and Nutrition.

The faculty consists of highly qualified and respected professionals who are dedicated to their respective specialties earning them national recognition. Their educational preparation, governmental and research endeavors, extensive international travels and hands-on experiences translate into a wealth of resources for students.