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Speech Pathology & Audiology


South Carolina State University (SC State) is a historically Black public 1890 land-grant senior comprehensive institution of nearly 5,000 students. Located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, SC State University is committed to providing affordable and accessible quality baccalaureate programs in the areas of business, applied professional sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, engineering technology, education, arts, and humanities. A number of programs are offered at the master’s level in teaching, human services and agribusiness, and the educational specialist and doctorate programs are offered in educational administration.

SC State University prepares highly skilled, competent, and socially aware graduates to enable them to work and live productively in a dynamic, global society. Through technology and traditional methods of teaching and learning, research, and service, the University enhances the quality of life of citizens and contributes to the economic development of the state and nation.

(This mission statement was approved by the S.C. State University Board of Trustees on March 30, 2010, and by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education May 6, 2010.)


The mission of the College of Business and Applied Professional Sciences is to produce graduates who are competent in their chosen areas of study and are prepared to function effectively as professionals in the disciplines of business administration, accounting, agribusiness, economics, family and consumer sciences, health sciences (nursing, health & physical education, speech pathology & audiology), and military science. The College provides quality management education and leadership development to produce competitive graduates for a global and diverse environment. The overall success in accomplishing this mission will be measured by the enhancement of the College’s reputation among its peers and diverse stakeholders. To achieve fully the mission of the land grant institution, the College will devote its expertise and resources to providing academic and practical experiences, conducting research, and providing outreach to its constituent groups.


The mission of the Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPA) Program at South Carolina State University is to educate students to function effectively as speech-language pathologists who serve the communicative needs of culturally and linguistically diverse populations in a variety of work settings. Students are provided opportunities to engage in critical clinical decision-making based on empirical evidence, thereby integrating scientific methods and clinical practice; the practical experiences are initiated in and supported by the South Carolina State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic; and they are continued in sundry settings, including public schools, hospitals, private practices, and rehabilitation centers.


  1. Foster the development of an environment in which faculty and students can exercise their creativity and satisfy their curiosity through an involvement in scholarly activities.
  2. Provide the information and experiences that will enable students to demonstrate an understanding of the process underlying normal communication as well as the nature of disordered communication.
  3. Provide academic and practicum experiences designed to prepare students to deliver appropriate intervention, in a variety of work settings, for individuals with speech, hearing, and language disorders. Prepare students to institute preventive measures for those individuals who may otherwise develop communicative disorders.
  4. Familiarize students with current information, issues and trends in communicative disorders and related disciplines.
  5. Promote the intellectual growth and professional development of all students in the program.
  6. Assess and evaluate the degree to which students demonstrate their acquisition of relevant professional competencies as they progress through the program.
  7. Offer diagnostic and habilitative services to those persons in the community who have speech, hearing, or language problems, with emphasis on underserved populations.


The South Carolina State University Speech Pathology and Audiology Program (SPA) is uniquely positioned to ensure that the mission is fulfilled by significantly impacting the number of qualified, credentialed service providers in one of South Carolina’s critical needs areas. Additionally, it offers limitless possibilities for increased service to the University, the community, the state, and beyond. As our University embarks on a second century of excellence, SPA is refining its strategies in order to prepare speech-language pathologists who are reflective decision-makers, effective performers, and humanistic practitioners equipped to meet the challenges in a global technological society.

For more information, contact:

Speech Pathology and Audiology Program
300 College Street, NE
Box 7427
Orangeburg, SC 29117

Phone: 803-536-8074
Clinic: 803-536-8073
Fax: 803-536-8357
E-mail: cjeffrie@scsu.edu