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Academic Goals and Achievements

The Division of Academic Affairs is committed to the University’s mission of preparing highly skilled, competent, economically and socially aware graduates to meet life’s challenges and demands.

The University provides curricula to meet the following goals:
•       To ensure that students attain comprehension skills and that they can apply those skills to write systematically, think         logically, and speak with clarity;
•       To ensure that students possess factual knowledge and conceptual understanding of art, history, culture, and the         humanities so that their awareness of the world and the complexities of modern culture, including their own, is enhanced;
•       To ensure that students possess a quantitative body of knowledge related to mathematics, science, economics,         commerce, and contemporary technologies;
•       To ensure that all students are fully functional, self-reliant contributors to the evolving global culture in which they must          participate.

The effectiveness of the University’s academic curricula, teaching, and services will have the following outcomes:
•       Academic programs that foster and increase student persistence through graduation;
•       Increase in the percentage of students who are retained from freshman year to the sophomore year;
•       Support for four-year retention rate improvement;
•       Enhanced research and capstone opportunities for students;
•       Increase in the graduate and professional school placement rates;
•       Improved customer service to students and other constituents

2013-2014 Success and Achievement Results

•       Retention Rate (Fall to Fall) for Freshman Students 61%
•       Retention Rate (Fall to Fall) for All Students 73%
•       Graduation Rate 35.7%
•       Students receiving academic honors and awards 24%
•       Performance of Graduating Education majors on PRAXIS II Exam 100%
•       Students engaged in research initiatives 8%
•       Academic degree programs with specialized accreditations 14
•       Students participating in Career Day Extravaganza Event 10%
•       Fall graduates’ perception that the University provides 77%
        good or excellent quality of services
•       Spring graduates’ perception that the University provides 71%
        good or excellent quality of services
•       Graduates enrolled in graduate/professional schools in 2009-2013 cohort 1,016

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