Agreement of Understanding

The Facilities Usage Request (FUR) has been revised to expedite the process as well as make it more "user" friendly while responding to your request. There are three (3) steps to the process.

Step 1:

Reserving the Facility

Step 2:

Set-up Instructions

Step 3:

Security Coverage

Explanation of Each Step:

Step 1:

Reserving the Facility - This step allows you to reserve the building/room only. This is approved by the Designee only (see listing below). The request must be made one week in advance. The requestor of the event must be present the entire time of the event. As a representative of the University you will be held accountable for any damages.

Step 2:

Set-up Instructions - This step allows you to instruct the Facilities Management Coordinator of your needs (tables, chairs, podium, etc.). If Facilities Management can not accommodate your needs, a rental fee may be assessed.

Step 3:

Security Coverage - This step must be adhere to by all requestors. University Police must be aware of all activities/events on campus (meetings are excluded for this step). According to the type of events, there may be a fee associated with the process. This step requires you to meet with the University Police Department Designee for an assessment of charges.

All three steps must be approved before the request is completed. If one of the three steps has been disapproved the entire request will be denied.


The Requestor requires clean-up before and after event.


No verbal commitment will be given! All request must be completed on line. The system allows each request to be done in the order in which it is receive.


This request is not a work order. This is a Facilities Usage Request.


Please be advised that all University Facilities Usage Request will take precedence over any off-campus request.

How can I cancel my event?

To cancel "Approved Event" click here

Building Designee Room Number Ext.
Belcher Hall Ms. G. Drayton Belcher Hall
Brooks Health Center Ms. P. Carter Brooks Health Center
Front Desk
Child Development Center Mrs. S. Felks Child Development Center
Room 105
Crawford Zimmerman
James E. Clyburn Transportation Center
Training Room 183
Mrs. D. Briggman 6-8394
Crawford Zimmerman Building
James E. Clyburn Transportation Center
Conference Room
Mrs. D. Briggman 6-8394
Davis Hall Dr. Salley-Guydon Hodge Hall
Room 212
Dukes Gymnasium Mr. D. Erby 6-4543
Fine Arts - Recital Hall
(Barbara Vaughn)
Ms. S. Ford Fine Arts
Room 107
Fine Arts - Room 122 Mr. E. Ellis Fine Arts
Room 107
Henderson Davis Theatre Ms. U. Robinson Henderson Davis Theater 3-3607
Hodge Hall Dr. Salley-Guydon Hodge Hall
Room 212
I. P. Stanback Museum Ms. B. Miller I. P. Stanback Museum
Front Office
K. W. Green Student Ct.
Bowling Alley
Mr. J. Goodwin K. W. Green Student Center
Room 100
K. W. Green Student Ct.
Bulldog Lounge
Garnet and Blue Room
Mr. J. Goodwin K. W. Green Student Center
Room 100
K. W. Green Student Ct.
Game Room
Student/TV Lounge
Mr. J. Goodwin K. W. Green Student Center
Room 100
Martin Luther King Auditorium (MLK) Ms. B. Hawkins W. C. Lewis 6-8216
Miller F. Whitaker Library Ms. B. Gilliard Miller F. Whitaker Library
Circulation Desk
Mitchell Field Basketball Court Mr. D. Erby 6-4543
Nance Hall Dr. B. Jua Nance Hall
Room 315
Oliver C. Dawson Football Stadium Mr. D. Baker Rowe Hall
Front Office
Outdoor Courts Mr. D. Erby 6-4543
Residence Halls Azalea Bldg. 2nd Floor 6-7239
SC State Track Field Mr. D. Baker Rowe Hall
Front Office
Gym Floor
Mr. D. Baker Rowe Hall
Front Office
Room 114
Room 115
Room 129
Dance Studio
Dr. A. McCrary-Quarles Smith-Hammond-Middleton
Room 107
Soldiers Hall LTC. Jefferson Soldiers Hall
Room 104
Staley Hall Mrs. E. Bryant Staley Hall
Room 203
TEST 2 Mr. J. Barr Test 6-8749
Turner Hall Dr. P. Scriven Turner Hall D-Wing
Room 317
Washington Dining Hall
Walnut Room
Mr. A. Pinckney Washington Dining Hall
Director's Office

Contact webmaster for Facility Request Form technical support.

NOTE: This form must be completed to request use of any campus facility for any activity (other than regularly schedule academic use) sponsored by an organization or department.

All facilities request must be approved 72 hours in advance.

All security request forms must be submitted (in person) to the University Police Department 14 days prior to the event start date or the event will be denied.

When canceling an event: You must cancel 4 days prior to the event to avoid a cancellation fee.


(This must be a valid email address)

(i.e. Leadership Awards Banquet, School of Arts and Sciences, Faculty Luncheon, etc.)

NOTE: Please complete one form for each building requested.

Time of Activity: Facility will be available for use a half hour before and after activity.

Please indicate any additional time requested prior to activity. (Custodial charges may apply.)
(number must be confirmed 48 hours prior to activity.)
Is food Service Required? (All food services must be coordinated by Sodexho Food Services.)
Is a Fee (admission, registration, etc.) required for attendance? (rented charges may apply.)
Program/Set-up Specification: (Include head table count, table arrangements and other set-up requirements)

Is this information to appear on the campus weekly calendar?

Standard Set-Up Requirements. Please check each items required and fill in quantities where applicable.

(Sound Systems, etc.)

(number of persons to be seated)

(How many)

(numbers of hours)

(give details):