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Disability Enhancement Project Mission

The mission of the Disability Enhancement Project is to increase the capacity of faculty, staff, and administrators to support the unique instructional and academic service needs of students with disabilities at SC State. We also seek to foster a positive attitudinal and behavioral response from faculty and staff when interacting with persons with disabilities.

  • The project will increase the percentage of faculty trained in project activities that incorporate elements for training into their classroom teaching;
  • To improve the quality of higher education for students with disabilities
  • Improve communications between students; and students and faculty regarding disabilities
  • Increase the availability of Assistive technology to ensure access and accommodations to higher education for students with disabilities
  • Maintain and enhance cooperative relationship with Student Disability Services, State-Federal VR programs and other cooperating non-profit rehabilitation agencies and facilities and advocacy groups

The Disability Enhancement Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education under project #P333A080059.