SC State Hosts Exhibition of Artist Joshua Ellingson

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SC State’s Fine Arts Center Gallery will host an exhibition by artist Joshua Ellingson, March 25-Apr. 14, 2009.

Ellingson lives and works as an illustrator in San Francisco, CA. In 1999, Ellingson graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Visual Communications. Since that time, Ellingson has contributed artwork to popular publications and websites worldwide and worked with clients ranging from toy makers to tequila companies. Much of his art is influence by technology, popular culture, the cosmos, and the potential of the human mind.

In addition to his illustration and design business, Ellingson is the director for The Local 303, a studio/collective of illustrators and designers in San Francisco, CA. The Local 303 provides a professional working environment as well as a space for collaboration, critique and art exhibition. Ellingson also contributes editorial writing and reviews to Hi-Fructose, a contemporary art and culture magazine.

Originally from a small town near Flint, MI, Ellingson spent a lot of his childhood at his grandparent's farmhouse, which is where the inspiration of his exhibition derived. "My grandparents were antique collectors, the house was loaded with interesting stuff. I was always in the workshop with Grandpa, working on a duck decoy or fashioning my own ninja weapon from chair legs,” said Ellingson. “The house was completely rebuilt by my grandfather, and they even built a big red barn out back. Most of this series is about keeping that home and those memories close to me, carrying it with me.”

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For more information on Joshua Ellingson’s exhibition contact, James Arendt, director, SC State Gallery at (803) 536-7101.

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