Friday, March 23, 2007

A student organization within SC State’s Visual and Performance Arts Department has planned a “Happening” to celebrate the 125th birthday of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, considered by many in both the West and his native land to be the most influential composer of 20th Century music.

MADD (Music, Art and Drama and Dancers) faculty and students, plus guest musicians, artists and dancers, will host the event on Monday, March 26, at 7 p.m. in the Barbara Vaughan Recital Hall in the Fine Arts Building. The event is free and the community is invited to attend.

The “Happening” is coordinated by Dr. Julie Quick, and features Quick as violinist (soldier); James Orlick, percussionist (devil); Jonovan Cooper, clarinet; and Steven Reid, trumpet; all faculty members, and student Mark Robinson, trombone. The string bass, Jean McIntyre, and Bassoon, Stephanie Whitson, are guest musicians, as is the conductor of this seven-piece ensemble.

Frank Mundy will narrate the text, and students Roosevelt Samuels and Michael Williams will represent the devil and soldier respectively.

“Eddie Morris will be dancing the Devil/Satan, and a dance couple from Columbia’s Vista Ballroom – Erin Bolshakov and Harby Gonzalez of Colombia – will be dancing the tango, waltz, and we are still looking for someone to dance the rag!,” said Quick.

“[Professor] Kim LeDee will be spontaneously painting as the spirit moves her, and [Professor] Jonathan Walsh will be showing slides,” said Quick. “There are other surprises too. Come and see this Happening!”

For more information, contact Julie Quick at (803) 536-8829.