Monday, September 14, 2009

Who: The SC State University Police Department, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, the Counseling and Self-Development Center, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol.
What: SC State University is inviting the public to participate in the unveiling of a new Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Awareness Campaign. The South Carolina Highway Patrol will address the ramifications of drinking and driving. The SC State University Police Department will also inform students of their pro-active approach, implemented to decrease vehicular fatalities resulting from DUI’s, such as increased safety checkpoints and stringent DUI on-campus enforcement.

The Campus Activities Board will also introduce the National Save a Life Tour rig. The vehicle consists of drinking and driving simulators that will allow all participants to understand the devastating effects of driving while intoxicated. Considered the shock jocks of anti-drunk driving, these simulators will ultimately save lives.
Why: Saving lives is the primary reason the DUI Awareness Campaign was initiated, according to interim police chief Michael Bartley and campus activities director Ariel Singleton. “So many college students die at the hands of drivers under the influence of alcohol,” says Singleton. However, creating an awareness campaign can make a significant difference. “We have more than 4,500 students here, and if we can deter 10% of those students from drinking and driving, I know that this campaign has been successful,” says Bartley.

Dr. Cherilyn Taylor, director of the Counseling and Self-Development Center, is equally excited about the DUI Awareness Campaign, noting the pivotal role her department plays regarding alcohol related issues.

“We continue to offer numerous substance education programming opportunities for SC State students throughout each academic year,” states Dr. Taylor. “This year, we are enhancing the methods by which we provide counseling services to students requesting treatment for alcohol related concerns,” she added.
When: The launch of the DUI Awareness Campaign will be held on Monday, Sept. 14, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
Where: The K.W. Green Student Center on the campus of SC State University.
Contact: For more information contact the SC State University Police Department at (803) 536-7188, Campus Activities Board at (803) 536-8488, or the Counseling and Self-Development Center at (803) 536-7245.