SC State University Hosts Exhibition of Artist Myra Greene

Monday, March 15, 2010

Myra GreeneSC State University’s Fine Arts Center Gallery is currently hosting Character Recognition,” an exhibition by artist Myra Greene. The exhibition will be on display through Monday, March 15, 2010.

“Character Recognition” is a series of 45 close-up photographic images of Greene exploring her features in detail.  Greene’s ambrotypes are created by exposing specially prepared glass plates to light. The technique predates more familiar photographic processes and harkens back to the era when slavery and colonization reined. 

“Confronted with an up swell of bigotry both personal and public, I was forced to ask myself, what do people see when they look at me?” muses Greene. “Am I nothing but black? Is that skin tone enough to describe my nature and expectation in life?  Do my strong teeth make me a strong worker?   Does my character resonate louder than my skin tone?” Greene ponders when creating her latest artwork. 

Many of Greene’s projects also include photography, printmaking, sound, as well as digital production work. She melds these processes into exploring issues about the body, memory, the absorption of culture and the ever-shifting identity of African Americans.

“Using a photographic process linked to the times of ethnographic classification, I repeatedly explore my ethnic features. The lessons learned are haunting and frightening in these modern times,” noted Greene.

Greene has been an artist in residence at Light Work in Syracuse, N.Y. and the Center of Photography in Woodstock, N.Y.  Her work was recently included in “Double Exposure: African Americans Before and Behind the Camera”, at the Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art in Hartford, Conn.

Greene currently serves as an assistant professor in the photography department at Columbia College Chicago in Chicago, Ill.

For more information on Myra Greene’s exhibition, visit her website at contact James Arendt, director of the SC State Gallery, at (803) 536-8918.