SC State's Student Affairs and the I.P. Stanback Museum & Planetarium Announce Joint Venture

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SC State University’s Division of Student Affairs and the I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium(The Stanback) announce their joint venture to cultivate and educate students through artistic expression. This venture will take place in phases. The kickoff of phase one will begin with excerpts from “Harlem On My Mind” and a reception in honor of the joint venture. The event will take place in Earle Hall on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.

SC State University’s Division of Student Affairs and The Stanback intend to create environments that will inform and enrich students and visitors culturally and artistically. The “Harlem On My Mind” exhibition is a composite of photographic murals which tells the story of African-American people, places and events that are little known by mainstream America and our community. “Harlem On My Mind” is a part of the permanent collection of The Stanback and has only been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at The Stanback. The Stanback is currently undertaking plans to tour the exhibition.

Featured works displayed in Earle Hall were photographed by James VanDerZee and Aaron Siskind.  VanDerZee, one of the greatest and most influential photographers of the Harlem Renaissance, captured the spirit of life in Harlem and the African- American middle class.  Moreover, a surprising legacy between James VanDerZee and SC State University is through his widow, Donna VanDerZee, whose mother and grandparents were alumni of SC State University, then known as South Carolina State College.

Aaron Siskind was a Jewish-American abstract expressionist photographer who worked in both New York City and Chicago.  Early in his career, Siskind was a member of the New York Photo League and produced a series of images that were socially conscious. The images at Earle Hall are a part of “The Harlem Document,” one of the most famous of his works.

SC State University’s museum interns, student friends, museum studies and work-study students from The Stanback played an integral part in the presentation and installation of these works of art. “As the facility is a resource for students, who better to assist in bringing the project to fruition,” said Ellen Zisholtz, director of The Stanback.

For additional information about the “Harlem On My Mind” exhibition, contact SC State University’s I.P Stanback Museum and Planetarium at (803) 536-7174.