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Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the FAB Gallery.

Please follow the steps below to be considered:

  1. Submit a minimum of three images of your work. The images need to be high quality digital images/reproductions of the objects intended for the exhibition or links to videos if the work is time based.
  2. Include a cover letter stating clearly the underlying idea/concept for exhibition and why you should be considered for the FAB Gallery at SC State.
  3. You must also submit the following in a word or pdf file:
    • a. Name, address, and contact number of artist or artists;
    • b. Brief description of the proposed show and statement of purpose;
    • c. An image list; which must include: number of pieces that will be included in the exhibition, their approx. dimensions, and weight if the intended work is sculptural;
    • d. Exhibition CV or resume with previous exhibitions if applicable;
    • e. Price list if the works are for sale;
    • f. Proposed exhibitions dates and working title for the exhibition;
    • g. Technical requirements such as a/v materials needed.
  4. Submit your application via email to: vapa@scsu.edu. The title of the email should state: Exhibition Proposal for FAB Gallery.

The curator of the gallery will review your proposal and bring his/her recommendation to the department for approval once a month. You will be notified of the committee’s decision at the end of the approval process. Exhibition are scheduled 4 to 5 months ahead of their installation.

Thank you again for your interest. For further information, you can contact as through our Facebook page or at vapa@scsu.edu.