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Educational Background

Ph.D.  in Space Physics & Astronomy, Rice University;

M.S. in Space Physics & Astronomy, Rice University;

M.S. in Physics, Louisiana State University;

B.S. in Astronomy, University of Illinois - Urbana


Research Interests



Atmospheric Science

Variable Stars


Atmospheric Ozone


Research Activities
Selected Publications

Research Activities 

Co-PI, 7-year NASA satellite project “Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System”


Guest Observer, Kitt Peak National Observatory, 2009-present


PI,   5-year, NSF award “A Partnership in Observational and Computational Science”


Co-PI NASA Kepler Cycle 4 Guest Observer


PI, NASA Kepler Cycle 2 Guest Observer


Chairman, Board of Directors, Robotically Controlled Telescope Consortium


Observer, Robotically Controlled Telescope, 2009-present


Researcher, NASA Astrobiology Institute – MIRS Faculty Sabbatical – Summer 2007


Researcher, NASA Faculty Fellowship Program – Summer 2004


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Selected Publications 

Cash, J., Howell, S., & Walter, D. 2009, "A Long Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of RV Tauri Stars," in “Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Theory and Observation”, J. A. Guzik & P. A. Bradley (Editors), Melville, N.Y.: AIP Conference Proceedings,  CP1170, pp. 146-148


Walter, D.K, Austin, S.A., Johnson, L.P., Morris, P.A. and Salgado, C., 2007, “A Decade of Lessons Learned”,   Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 55, n.6, December, 2007 pp. 493-499


Blagrave, K. P. M.; Martin, P. G.; Rubin, R. H.; Dufour, R. J.; Baldwin, J. A.; Hester, J. J.; Walter, D. K. 2007, “Deviations from He I Case B Recombination Theory and Extinction Corrections in the Orion Nebula”, Astrophysical Journal, 655, 299-315  2007ApJ...655..299B         


Moore, B.D., Hester, J.J., Scowen, P.A. and Walter, D.K., 2002, “Analysis and Models of Photoionized Structures Seen in Hubble Space Telescope Images of NGC 7635”, Astronomical Journal, v. 124, pp.3305-3312    2002AJ....124.3305M


Moore, B.D., Walter, D.K., Hester, J.J., Scowen, P.A., Dufour, R.J., and Buckalew, B.A., 2002, “Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Windblown Nebula NGC 7635”, Astronomical Journal, v. 124, pp. 3313-3324      2002AJ....124.3313M



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PSC 150 Foundations of Physical Science

PSC 151 Physical Science Laboratory

PSC 152 Foundations of Earth/Space Science

PSC 153  Earth/Space Science Laboratory


P 203 General Physics III w/ Calculus

P 223 General Physics III Laboratory

P 251 General Physics I Laboratory

P 253 General Physics II Laboratory


P 303 Mechanics I

P 304 Mechanics II

P 338 Scientific Image Analysis

P 407 Advanced Lab

P 410 Quantum Mechanics

P 498 Special Topics in Physics

P 499 Special Topics in Physics


P 507 Advanced General Physics


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