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Phone: 803-516-4753
Fax: 803-536-8436

Educational Background

PhD in Physics, 2002, University of Wyoming

BS in Physics, 1994,the University of Wyoming.


Research Interests

computational astrophysics

scientific visualizations

high performance computing

NASA Space Grant Consortium

Research Activities
Selected Publications

Research Activities 

 · PI on Kepler Cycle 4 Guest Observer Award

· Co-PI on Kepler Cycle 2 Guest Observer Award, responsible for data analysis

· Mentoring of undergraduate researchers, Kepler and AAVSO light curve analysis

· Campus Director for South Carolina Space Grant Consortium on the SC State Campus

· Co-PI on NSF award to Clemson University related to CyberInfrastructure and HPC

· PI/Project Manager for NSF OEDG Award

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Selected Publications 

 · Cash,J., Howell,S., and Walter, D., A Long Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of

RV Tauri Stars, 2009, in "Stellar Pulsations: Challenges for Theory and Observation",

AIP Conf. Proceedings, 1170, 146.


· Cash, J., Computational Models of the Accretion Streams in Polars, 2004, in "Magnetic

Cataclysmic Variables", ASP Conf. Series, 315, 272.


· Cash, J., Modeling the Accretion Stream in Polars, 2003, PASP, 115, 1150.


· Harrison, T., Howell, S., Huber, M., Osborne, H., Holtzman, J., Cash, J., Gelino, D.,

Modeling the Remarkable Multiwavelength Light Curves of EF Eridanus: The Detection

of Its Irradiated Brown Dwarf-like Secondary Star, 2003, AJ, 125, 2609.


· Cash, J. and Howell, S., Model Accretion Streams in Polars, 2002, in The Physics of

Cataclysmic Variable and Related Objects, ASP Conf. Series, 261, 141.

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Classes taught include:

PSC 152 Foundations of Earth Space Science

PSC 153 Earth/Space Science Laboratory

PSC 203 Elementary Astronomy

P 250 General Physics I w/o Calculus

P 252 General Physics II w/o Calculus

P 254 General Physics I w/ Calculus

P 255 General Physics II w/ Calculus 

P 303 Mechanics I

P 326 Introduction to Astrophysics

P 498 Special Topics in Physics

P 499 Special Topics in Physics


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