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Educational Background

M.A., Ph.D in Spanish, University of California, Irvine  

B. A. in Spanish, University of Kansas 


Research Interests

The psychopathology of American culture

Idiology and psychopathology

Structural racism and white supremacy in the US

De facto Jim Crow policies in the US

Research Activities
Selected Publications

Research Activities 

Afrocentricity in the beginning Spanish classroom

Idiology and psychopathology in the US



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Selected Publications 

Intertexts I, 1 (Spring 97), co-editor.  Journal of Comparative Literature, Texas Tech University Press; inaugural issue: Claiming Voices, Seizing Spaces: Latin American and Latina Women Writers

“‘Los trataban como a hijos’: The Indians in Inca Garcilaso’s Historia general del PerúA Contracorriente. A Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America 2.3 (Spring 2005):

“‘Haciéndose señoras las que se destinaron a la servidumbre’:  Sor Filotea’s Slip of the Tongue-Lashing” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 79.2 (April 2002): 213-24

“Humor, Hostility and the Psychodynamics of Satire,” literature and psychology 46.4 (2000): 26-41.

"Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda's Bourgeois Liberal Sab Story," Revista de Estudios Hispánicos  32 (1998): 153-69, 187-88 (featured article with response in the “Diálogo Crítico” section)

"Polysemous Perversity and Male Hysteria in El túnel," Bulletin of Hispanic Studies LXXIII (October 1996): 427-45

"Aproximaciones críticas a la prosa hispanoamericana colonial y la cuestión de la prosaica," Revista Iberoamericana 172-3 (July-December 1995): 517-526

"La vorágine: The Logic of Masculine Symbolics and the Open Vortex(t)," Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 2 (April 1995): 195-211

"Juan Mogrovejo de la Cerda's La endiablada and Other Fictions of Colonial Identity," Hispanófila 112 (1995): 39-49

"A Woman's Place: Nineteenth-Century Bourgeois Morality and the Spanish American Domestic Comedy," Latin American Theatre Review (Fall 1992): 79-90


Jaime Contreras, "Family and Patronage: The Judeo-Christian Minority in Spain," Cultural Encounters: The Impact of the Inquisition in Spain and the New World, Eds. Anne J. Cruz and Mary Elizabeth Perry (Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1991) 127-45

Jesús Martínez de Bujanda, "Recent Historiography of the Spanish Inquisition (1977-1988): Balance and Perspective," Cultural Encounters 221-47

Roberto Moreno de los Arcos, "New Spain's Inquisition for Indians from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century," CE 23-36

Noemí Quesada, "The Inquisition's Repression of Curanderos," CE 37-57

María Helena Sánchez Ortega, "Sorcery and Eroticism in Love Magic," CE 58-92

Jaime Contreras, "Aldermen and Judaizers: Cryptojudaism, Counter-Reformation, and Local Power," Culture and Control in Counter-Reformation Spain, Eds. Anne J. Cruz and Mary Elizabeth Perry (Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 1992) 93-123

Jean Pierre Dedieu, "'Christianization' in New Castile: Catechism, Communion, Mass, and Confirmation in the Toledo Archbishopric, 1540-1650," CC 1-24

María Helena Sánchez Ortega, "Woman as the Source of 'Evil' in Counter-Reformation Spain," CC 196-215

Bernard Vincent, "The Moriscos and Circumcision," CC 78-92






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 I have taught all levels of graduate and undergraduate Spanish courses since 1991 and I developed the new curriculum for Spanish majors at SC State University. I have created new courses in the Humanities and in Spanish, including Violence in American Culture: Cinema 1950-2000, Latin American Documentary Cinema, Afro-Caribbean Slave Narratives, and Latin American Colonial Prose Fiction. I directed one dissertation and various Master's theses.

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