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Educational Background

Ph.D  Bowling Green State University

MA The University of South Carolina-Columbia

BA The University of South Carolina-Columbia




Research Interests

Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Popular Culture, Film Studies


Research Activities
Selected Publications

Research Activities 

Fight Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bell: Muhammad Ali and the Rhetoric of Blackness

A Star is Born: Josephine Baker and The Construction of Stardom (manuscript in progress)

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Selected Publications 

Women of Blaxploitation:  How the Black Action Heroine Changed American Popular Culture. (2006) Jefferson, North Carolina:  McFarland Press. Reviewed by Courtney Bates in Film and History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television. Volume 37:2  (2007). 11-112.  Reviewed by Brandy Yates in The Journal of Popular Culture.  584-586. Volume 42:3 (2009). 

A Few Good Heroes:  Firefighters as Cultural Icons Post-September 11th In Amy Lynn and Sara Quay (Eds.), Popular Culture and 9/11.  Westport:  Greenwood Press, 2010. 

Peter Berg’s The Kingdom:  A Distorted Depiction of Arabs in One Post 9/11 Film. In Amy Lynn and Sara Quay (Eds.), Popular Culture and 9/11.  Westport:  Greenwood Press, 2010

The Week Chicago Died:  How the 1968 Chicago Riots Changed the Democratic Party’s Political Landscape. (2008)  In Critique Journal of Socialist Theory. Volume 36, Issue 2, 273-287. 

From Headscarves to Afros:  Redefining African-American Femininity in Selected 1970s Black  Action Films. (2005)  In Guy Meiss and Alice Tait (Eds.), Ethnic Media in America:  Building a System of Their Own; Taking Control; Volume 2.  Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt.


Florence Griffith Joyner: Sexual Politician in a Unitard in A Locker Room of Her Own: Celebrity, Sexuality, and Female Athletes. Profiles of Star Women Athletes and the Obstacles They Face. Eds. Joel Nathan Rosen and David Odgen. University of Mississippi Press (University of Mississippi 2013)

Jai deux amour: Josephine Baker and the Duality of Identity in the United States and Paris, France: in American Multicultural Studies: Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality.   Ed. Sherrow Pinder. Sage Publications (Sage 2012)

From Headscarves to Afros: Redefining African-American Femininity in Selected 1970s Black Action Movies [reprinted} in Essays on African American Media ed. Alice Tait ( Edward Mellen Press, forthcoming)



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Courses Taught at SCSU

English 150
English 151
English 250
English 251
English 318: American Literature II
BCS 301: Understanding Movies
Contemporary African American Literature
Introduction to Cultural Studies
English 200: The Sophomore Seminar

Courses Taught at Other Universities
American Studies/ Women in the US (101)
American Studies/The 1970s
Introduction to African American Women (101)
Race and Ethnicity (graduate course)
Gender and Culture (graduate course)
English 101 and 101
Film as Art (105)
Introduction to Humanities
Introduction to Critical Thinking
Introduction to Popular Culture
World Literature I and II



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