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Felton Laboratory School Administration

Principal's Message

As the Director of Felton Laboratory School, it is our goal to provide relevant, integrated and challenging curriculum in a secure and safe environment for all students. We want all students to be critical thinkers, who are responsible and knowledgeable as successful life-long learners, and productive citizens in this ever-changing world. We recognize that each child is unique. In cooperation with our parents and the community, we are committed to providing a variety of learning experiences and opportunities that will promote high expectations that can aid the overall growth and well-being of the total child. We want to ensure that all students become life-long learners for the future, as well as perform to their highest potential, achieve academic excellence, social awareness, and community responsibility.

It is our expectation that all students meet or exceed expected state and national goals for academic excellence. I believe that high expectations yield high results.

Gloria Winkler
Director of Felton Laboratory School