Impact America FocusFirst Coordinator - AmeriCorps Member

Company:   Impact America
Business Type:   Nonprofit
Required Major:  
Required Education:   Bachelor
Required GPA:  
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Full-Time    
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To Apply: Please visit Organizational Description- Many young adults tend to have negative perceptions of people living in poverty, people struggling to get by. Or, worse, they tend not to think much about them at all. As our communities become more homogeneous, it is easier to become isolated from many of the problems facing families and children today. Impact America provides an opportunity for recent graduates to engage with their communities in a meaningful way, broadening their perspectives and making a real impact. The FocusFirst Initiative provides a cost-effective direct response to the vision problems of children who live in urban and rural communities in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. Impact America AmeriCorps members, in collaboration with college students, provide free vision screenings to children, ages six months to five years, in Head Starts and daycares using technologically advanced digital screening cameras. All children failing the screenings receive free follow-up care through Sight Savers America. Over 3,200 college students at more than twenty colleges and universities throughout Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida have participated with FocusFirst. Over the last twelve years, these students have screened more than 350,000 children, with approximately 10% of the children failing the screenings and receiving free follow-up care as necessary. Position Description: FocusFirst Coordinators create and implement a comprehensive schedule for Impact America team members to conduct free vision screenings and implement many of the logistical details for the program. The Coordinators work closely with Impact America program staff, FocusFirst National Directors, and community partners to create a strategic plan for annual vision screenings, ensuring program targets are met efficiently and effectively. The FocusFirst Coordinators work with Head Start, Pre-K, and daycare administrators to provide information regarding the program, develop a master calendar for vision screenings, and inform staff of the benefits of early detection and referral for vision problems. Screenings take place during the academic year between August and May, and subsidized follow-up care is provided by local eye care providers in coordination with Sight Savers America. In collaboration with Impact Americas Volunteer Coordinator, FocusFirst Coordinators work with college administrators and professors to recruit and train volunteers from partnering campuses. After attending a short training session, student volunteers participate in direct service by conducting high-tech vision screenings under the supervision of Impact America Corps Members. FocusFirst Coordinators also recruit and train work study students from partnering campuses. Even when students are not available, Impact Americas team of AmeriCorps members is in the field every day conducting vision screenings. Upon completion of screenings, FocusFirst Coordinators ensure that the results of the screening are organized and processed before returning the results to the child care center. Coordinators conduct both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of each screening with an emphasis on the quality of the screenings, the number of children screened, the number that failed each screening, and specific reasons for failure. Coordinators will also communicate with Sight Savers America, the organization that coordinates follow-up care, to ensure that the children that failed the screening receive comprehensive follow-up care, as necessary. Positions are currently available in Birmingham, AL; Memphis, TN; Greenville, SC; and Tallahassee, FL. Skills Required: Successful candidates will exhibit a commitment to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged families; a record of community service and/or civic engagement; demonstrated student leadership; the ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals, including college students, children, working families, and community-based partners; the ability to multi-task and exhibit flexibility in a fast-paced environment; a positive attitude; and organizational, planning, and management skills. Additional Information: Impact America is an AmeriCorps ProgramĀ®. Benefits include the following: Monthly living stipend $5,815 education award (received upon completion of term of service) Health insurance Meals when providing service outside of your home county Mileage reimbursement when driving your personal car for service All travel costs during overnight trips (hotel, rental car, meals) Ongoing professional development and training Impact America welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities. We have sought to identify the essential functions and physical requirements of all service positions and will make reasonable accommodations through scheduling, task reassignment, and other methods to accommodate applicants and AmeriCorps members. Please contact us should you need accommodations in order to apply. Eligibility Requirements: Documentation of status as a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident alien (AmeriCorps eligibility requirement) Completion of a college degree (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with prior approval) Submit to a criminal background check, including an FBI check, NSOPW check, a statewide check in the applicants state of residence at the time of application, a statewide check in applicants state of service (if different than state of residence) At least 18 years of age

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