Senior Design Engineer - Electrical

Company:   Aegis Power Systems, Inc
Business Type:   Electronics Manufacturer
Location:   Murphy, NC
Required Major:   Electrical Engineering
Required Education:   Bachelor
Required GPA:  
Salary:   Negotiable
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Full-Time    
  Contact Information
  Phone:   828-837-4029

Job Description

We are seeking a qualified and experienced Senior Design Engineer to join our growing team! The best candidate will use electrical engineering skills to design innovative power supplies that are highly efficient, rugged, and have high reliability. We pride ourselves on technical accuracy, achieving high power in compact design, and creating power conversion units to meet custom specifications. Our new Senior Design Engineer will work closely with the Engineering Manager to design complex power modules for military and industrial applications. Each engineer leads his or her design project through product realization, testing, and production phases. Good communication skills, both written and oral, is critical. Essential Competencies Must be familiar with, and have a working knowledge of: " Switching Power Design using common power supply topologies - Buck, Boost, Full Bridge... " Inductor Design - Filter inductor and switching inductor. " Simulation - Generate SPICE models of various circuits used in switching power supply design. " Circuit Design - Analog and digital control and regulation circuits for power supply design. " PCB Layout - Procedure and proper spacing for agency approvals and hardening for reliability. " Power Supply Testing- Frequency response measurements, cross regulation, loop gain measurements, stress testing, and EMI testing. " Parts De-rating - Using Industry standards. " Thermal Management - Designing proper heat sinks for heat dissipating components. " Communication - Able to give clear instructions for production assembly using industry standard tools. " Project Management - Able to produce and maintain and organize project data for frequent engineering reviews. " Mentoring junior engineers. " Create schematics, bill of materials, PWB layouts, and provide routers to assemblers. " Operating knowledge of CAN-bus application


5 years related work experience

To Apply


By Email or Fax
Deadline:   October,30, 2017

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