Customs and Border Protection Officer

Company:   US Customs and Border Protection
Business Type:   Federal Law Enforcement
Location:   Nationwide
Required Major:   All Majors Welcome
Required Education:   Junior
Required GPA:   2.0
Salary:   $32,844 - $72,168
Employment Type:   Full-Time    
  Contact Information
Contact:   Marecus Matthews
Supervisory CBP Officer
  Phone:   (843) 296-8475

Job Description

Customs and Border Protection Officers are federal law enforcement officers that enforce customs and immigration law and criminal statutes at over 300 ports of entry across the United States and its territories, detect and prevent terrorist and terrorist weapons from entering the United States, facilitate the flow of legitimate trade and travel, conduct inspections of individuals and conveyances, determine the admissibility of individuals for entry into the United States, and prevent the illegal entry of individuals and prohibited goods and the smuggling of illegal drugs and other contraband.

Work Days:  5
Work Hours:  40


Honesty, hard-working, willing to relocate

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