Border Patrol Agent

Company:   US Customs and Border Protection
Business Type:   Federal Law Enforcement
Location:   Arizona, New Mexico, Texas
Required Major:   All Majors Welcome
Required Education:   Bachelor
Required GPA:   2.0
Salary:   $40,511 - $72-168
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Full-Time    
  Contact Information
Contact:   Marecus Matthews
Supervisory CBP Officer
  Phone:   (843) 296-8475

Job Description

Border Patrol Agents are federal law enforcement officers that are on the "fence line". They enforce immigration law and criminal statutes in the areas in between the ports-of-entry mainly along the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico, the shores of the Gulf of Mexico coast, and Puerto Rico by detecting, preventing, and apprehending undocumented aliens and smugglers of aliens at or near the land borders by maintaining surveillance from covert positions, responding to electronic sensor alarms, interpreting and following tracks, marks and other physical evidence, using infrared scopes during night operations, responding to aircraft sightings and other anti-smuggling activities, and performing farm and ranch checks, traffic checks, city patrols, and transportation checks.

Work Days:  5
Work Hours:  40


Honesty, Hard-Working, Willing to relocate

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