Plant Operator Trainee Intern

Company:   N. Charleston Sewer District
Business Type:   Utility
Location:   Charleston, SC
Required Major:  
Required Education:   Freshman
Required GPA:   2.5
Salary:   $11.00 Hour
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Seasonal    
  Contact Information
Contact:   Danisha Sheppard
HR Manager
  Phone:   843-764-2645
  Fax:   843-574-3242

Job Description

This position will not exceed forty (40) hours per week. Under direct supervision of the Operations Shift Supervisor, and oversight from facility operational staff, this position while in a training capacity, will provide assistance in performing essential operational duties that are deemed necessary to produce treated effluent that meets all state and federal regulations. These duties involve assisting and receiving training in the proper operation of various wastewater treatment process units and associated equipment. Requires utilization of various laboratory and portable field equipment to measure PH, dissolved oxygen, UV transmittance, blanket levels, oxygen uptake rates, microscopic examinations, and settable solids tests. Collects and properly labels samples from process treatment units and completes chain of custody forms for quality control testing purposes. Provides assistance to Quality Control Department in the collection of offsite industrial samples. Performs start-up, operational monitoring, shut down and clean-up of centrifuge solids dewatering equipment. Performs process calculations, maintains accurate and complete daily plant operations log. Properly logs and processes night soil, septage, and scavenger waste loads brought to facility for disposal. Operates various facility valves as identified in preventive maintenance work orders. Cleans UV lights, sensors. baffle plates, electrical panels, and replaces wiper rings and lamps when necessary. Performs general housekeeping activities including painting and yard work as needed.

Work Days:  4
Work Hours:  40

To Apply

Apply:   In Person

By Email or Fax
Deadline:   March,31, 2018

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