Spring 2018 Orangeburg Tutors

Company:   The Find a Tutor Network
Business Type:   1-on-1 Academic Tutoring Services
Location:   Orangeburg, SC
Required Major:   all majors welcome to apply
Required Education:   Freshman
Required GPA:   2.00
Salary:   $25/hour
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Part-Time    
  Contact Information
Contact:   Ryan Howard
Head of Tutoring Operations
Email:   ryan@thefindatutornetwork.com
  Phone:   800-413-3475

Job Description

Part-time *SPRING 2018 TUTORS* needed for all subjects and age-levels in (and around) the ORANGEBURG area  multiple tutoring locations available near campus, so no long commutes will ever be required. Currently our company has an immediate need for tutors who are able to work right away during the late-Winter / Spring months of 2018, and even beyond. We need tutors NOW as the amount of "Tutoring Requests" we've been receiving from parents/students has increased substantially in the last few weeks. This increase is due to students in grades K-12 requiring more homework support and all-around academic tutoring as the second half of the 2017-2018 school year is already well underway& As a tutor you will be able to pick and choose which local students that you'd like to work with. Additionally tutors get to set their own hours, and their own weekly tutoring schedules. We are looking to hire a variety of local tutors who can work part-time roughly 2-10 hours per week. All tutoring is conducted one-on-one at a neutral location such as a library, on campus, or a nearby coffee shop. Tutoring does NOT take place in students homes. Coffee shops seem to be the most popular tutoring locations for both students and tutors alike. If you are interested in tutoring right away during the Winter / Spring months of 2018 (and even beyond), please send an email inquiry to: ryan@thefindatutornetwork.com

Work Days:  Varies by tutor's availability: flexible schedule
Work Hours:  Varies by tutor: usually 2-10+ hours/week


Because of our immediate demand for tutors at this time, prior tutoring experience is NOT required to be a busy and successful tutor. Even rookie tutors will have full tutoring schedules. As stated previously, tutors must be able to meet their students (tutees) at a local place in common (library, coffee shop, campus, etc) where the tutoring takes place. NO long commutes are ever required and if the tutoring location is close, possessing a car is not necessary.

To Apply


By Email or Fax
Deadline:   May,10, 2018

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