Health Equity Summer Scholar

Company:   Nemours
Business Type:   Hospital
Location:   Wilmington, DE
Required Major:  
Required Education:   Freshman
Required GPA:  
Salary:   $4300 Stipend
Citizenship:   US Citizen
Employment Type:   Full-Time    
  Contact Information
Contact:   April Aguilera
Administrative Assistant
  Phone:   3022987741

Job Description

Twelve scholarships are available this year: These positions are based at the Wells Fargo Tower - 2200 Concord Pike, 7th floor, Wilmington, DE. Each scholarship recipient receives a $4300 monetary award (stipend.) Eligibility requirements include: 1) United States citizenship or legal permanent residency; 2) enrollment as an undergraduate student at the time of application. This year the program begins June 3, 2019 and ends on August 9, 2019. Participation is required throughout the ten-week, full-time program. Projects are epidemiologic in nature and typically address pediatric health care disparities. A link to the project abstracts is provided in the application. Applicants are asked to rank their top five choices. Projects Include: "Childhood Obesity: Racial Disparities and Risk Factors "Pediatric Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disorders: Epidemiologic Characterization and Racial/Sex Heterogeneity (Race as Independent Variable and Hypertension/Cardiovascular Disorders as the Dependent) "Exclusive Breast Feeding and Intellectual Disability in Children, NSCH "Cumulative Incidence and Survival Disadvantage of Black Children with Lymphoma "Osteosarcoma: Racial Differences and Mortality SEER "Correlation between Parental Substance Abuse and Mental/Behavioral Dysfunction among Children in NCHS "Genetic and Physical Environment Interaction in Pediatric Asthma Prevalence NSCH "Cerebral Palsy Prevalence and Adverse Environment Racial Heterogeneity "Pediatric Opioid Epidemic: Evidence from Pediatric Setting and National Data "Racial Disparities in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: The Role of Social Stressors (CDC Wonder Data set "Pediatric Motor Vehicular Pedestrian Trauma Mortality as Predicted by Health Insurance (Delaware Trauma RegistryApproval is needed) "QES on the Impact of Soy in Cancer Predisposition "QES on the Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Total Mortality, Cancer Incidence and Survival "Sexual Orientation and the Outcomes of Health among Children and Adults (LBGTQIA) (Michigan State University data set) "Sickle Cell Anemia Genotype and Nephrotic Syndrome: Implication of Hydroxurea- Hospital Based Epidemiologic Study "Urbanicity (geocoding- zipcode) Prediction of STI among Children in Delaware: Hospital-Based Matched Case Control Study (sex controlling for age) "Epigenomic Signatures in Candidate Genes in Proliferative Pathways in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia: Systematic Review and QES "Epigenomic Lesions in Tumor Suppressor Gene p53 Down Regulation in ALL: Systematic Review and QES "Microbiome and Epigenomic Correlation and Implication in Subpopulation Disparities in diabetes and other Chronic Diseases In this program participants will have the opportunity to: "Participate in the shadowing experiences (patient/care observation) "Present findings to a large audience of associates and students' families "Present posters to a variety of audiences "Actively participate and interact in the discussion of health disparities and global health issues during journal club sessions "Attend lectures and statistics clinics

Work Days:  5
Work Hours:  40+

To Apply

Deadline:   January,15, 2019

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