Male College Explorers Day
SC State University
April 13, 2017
Registration Deadline, Friday April 7, 2017


SC State University's College Explorers Day (April 13, 2017) provides an opportunity for male students between 9-12th grades a chance to shadow a successful male College student on campus for a day. Participants will be able to sit in on at least one college course, experience the every-day activities of campus life including an Greek showcase and melt down, the opportunity to meet several faculty & staff across campus, and attend a special forum hosted by several male student leaders.

Participation in SC State University's College Explorers Day is free of charge and only requires a student's parental consent and transportation to and from campus that day and money to eat lunch & dinner ($20) in the cafeteria.


Honors College Student, SGA Officers, Student Orientation Members, and other Student Leaders will serve as chaperones for participants in the College Explorers Day. Participants will be paired to a chaperone according to college majors so that the participant can attend a college course according to their potential major of interest.


The ultimate goal of the College Explorers Day is to encourage more male students, particularly those of color, to complete high school and encourage them to enroll into college. There will even be an opportunity for participants to speak with Admissions counselors for those interested in enrolling at SC State University. By providing participants a opportunity to shadow a successful college student for a day, our hopes is to demystify the college experience with a concrete, personable, and galvanizing experience.

Tentative Schedule
April 13, 2017

April 13

9:00am       Check In at MLK Auditorium, students meet chaperones

9:30am       Student-Parent Briefing of Rules

10:00am       Class Shadowing

12:00pm       Lunch with the President

1:00pm       Meet & Greet the Bulldog Faculty/Staff

2:00pm       Organizational Fair/Meltdown in Plaza

4:00pm       Dinner

5:30pm       Forum with 101 Black Men of SCSU Society

6:45pm       Checkout Begins/Dismissal


Contact Information


***Please do not provide work phone numbers or emails***




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