SC State begins construction TOMORROW on the James E. Clyburn Transportation Research and Center

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LogoSC State will begin the first phase of construction on the James E. Clyburn Transportation Research and Conference Center tomorrow, July 14, 2010. The pre-construction conference was held this morning with all involved stakeholders to include: Goforth Brown and Associates, (architect); International Public Works, (prime contractor); Federal Highway Administration; Office of the State Engineer; Construction Dynamics, Inc. (construction manager); Orangeburg Department of Utilities; Orangeburg County Licensing Division; and RPM Engineering, (3rd party inspections).

“The construction commencement of the Transit Research Center is a culmination of many dedicated years of planning and overcoming unforeseen obstacles and challenges,” said John E. Smalls, senior vice president for Finance, Facilities, and MIS. “Tomorrow’s activities are especially significant for SC State, and I hope that our stakeholders are as excited as we are to begin construction on what I consider will be one of the premier facilities on campus,” he continued.

This phase of the project will consist of the Transit Research Center, an 8,474 square foot structure that will be used to conduct research on transportation vehicles. Also, the Transit Research Center will have a fueling station with an underground gasoline/diesel storage tank, office space and training rooms. The total cost for this phase is $4.8 million, and construction is expected to be completed in 350 days.

“The construction commencement of the James E. Clyburn Transportation Research and Conference Center at SC State has been of highest importance to me,” said Dr. George E. Cooper, president. “The research capability that this Transportation Research Center will afford SC State is great. Our faculty and staff, students, the community, the State of South Carolina and Nation will significantly benefit from the opportunities that will be available to them upon its completion,” he continued.