SC State University Appoints Michael Bartley as Police Chief

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The SC State University Police Department has been extremely busy during the past year. A fitness center is now open to staff and members of the division. A K-9 unit has commenced to combat crime. Officers have been placed on the basketball courts to check the identification cards of those persons wishing to utilize the courts. Signage has also been placed there with the necessary rules and regulations. Programs have also been established like Project ID, allowing students, faculty and staff to record the serial numbers of their electronic devices, making it easier to recover stolen items. “Chat with the Chief” is another initiative developed to address the concerns of the campus community about safety and security. You’ll also see new police cars on the University campus, sporting the newly dubbed police department motto, “meeting the challenge to make a positive difference.”

Chief BartleyThe new achievements of the SC State University Police Department, too many to mention here, have been made possible by the newly appointed Chief of Police, Michael Bartley. Bartley, creating these initiatives since serving as interim police chief from March 2009 through August 2010, is quick to point out that he did not single handedly implement these programs and initiatives. Rather, he has much needed assistance from his staff and the entire University. “We make it happen,” says Bartley. “It’s all about being a part of a team.”

Although being a part of the University team is significant, it’s difficult to deflect from Bartley’s many previous accomplishments, one reason for his new appointment, according to Dr. Charles Smith, vice president for Student Affairs. “I think Chief Bartley is an excellent choice for chief of police because of his years of experience in the state and with the local police department, and his commitment to what I call ‘community policing,’” said Smith. “He understands that our process is not just punitive but also educational.”

Bartley’s extensive knowledge and ability to comprehend and carry out the University’s vision, may be attributed to his over 20 years of experience in law enforcement. His career spans from line deputy, special services deputy, narcotics investigator and a member of the bloodhound tracking team, all with the Richland County Sheriff Department in Columbia, S.C., to uniform patrol with the City of Columbia Police Department. Bartley also worked with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office as captain of Uniform Patrol/Community Services and commander of the SWAT Team.  He also served as a member of the Orangeburg County Homeland Security Task Force.

Bartley’s career at SC State began in 1996 as lieutenant of Operations/Administration. He also worked as major and interim chief of police for the SC State University Police Department. Bartley received his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from Grambling State University in Grambling, La.

Bartley’s experience, as well as the programs that he implemented during his tenure as interim chief of police, not only impressed Smith, but students too. “Chief Bartley has done an amazing job within that position, not just with assuring safety and security, but ensuring that student organizations are able to have their events on campus and have police coverage when needed and within reasonable time,” stated Anthony Beckett, Student Government Association president.

Beckett was elated to be able to sing the praises of Bartley. “Above all things, he is just a champion for the students.”

Bartley, happy to achieve his new rank, is ready to be a champion for the students and for all administrators with the assistance of the SC State University Police Department and the entire campus. “Our goal is to continue where we were,” noted Bartley. “We will enhance the programs and initiatives and do our best to serve you. It’s your police department, and all of us will make it happen.”