SC State University's ROTC Program Recognizes Six Cadets as Distinguished Military Students

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ROTC CadetsSC State’s ROTC Program has a rich tradition of service and leadership. The program also continues to reward students for their committed service and achievement. This year, six ROTC cadets were recognized as Distinguished Military Students for their leadership in the classroom and in the community, and their role in the ROTC Program.

The Distinguished Military Students are four year ROTC cadets who are evaluated based on their grade point average, military aptitude, leadership potential in the program, and how they interact with their peers. This recognition as a Distinguished Military Student will be placed on each cadet’s Officer Record Brief (ORB). The ORB is a tool used while managing officers. This award will be placed on their ORB throughout their matriculation in the United States Army.

“This award affords them the opportunity to get what they want out of the military, after they graduate from college and are commissioned as second lieutenants,” says Lieutenant Colonel Derrick Corbett, professor of Military Science. “This is our way as instructors to award those who have earned the recognition as Distinguished Military Students because of their performance in the ROTC Program, as well as their performance in the classroom. We look for those intangible characteristics that these students possess, instances that will serve them well when they depart from this University,” Corbett continued.

Deemed as Distinguished Military Students, the ROTC cadets were extremely proud and honored. “It is an honor and privilege to be selected as a Distinguished Military Student and to represent the SC State University Bulldog Battalion, as well as the United States Army,” said cadet Eric Curry. Brian Erwin shared the same sentiment. “I was extremely honored to be recognized as a Distinguished Military Student. I feel enthused to represent the Bulldog Battalion,” said Erwin. ROTC cadet, Tequella Walker, felt the same. With a wide smile, she shared her enthusiasm. “This is a great honor and I am more than happy to be a part of this great legacy of the SC State Bulldog Battalion,” said Walker.  

With respect and admiration for the United States Army, ROTC cadet Jevon Briggs exemplified how much influence officers in the Army have instilled in him. “My father, an officer in the Armed Forces, once told me, ‘setting short term goals will win you games and setting long term goals will win you championships.’ My education and this program is the game, and my future success is the championship in life,” said Briggs. “I have goals of one day joining General Abe Turner as a general officer alumni of SC State University; therefore, I try my best to give my all in and out of uniform, and to be the best example I can be for my peers and subordinates around me,” Briggs continued. 

With a great since of pride, cadet Alexander Lee also shared his wisdom. “If we fail to define ourselves, we will live by other people’s definitions of us, so with thinking highly of myself and being recognized as a Distinguished Military Student, this is a product of the standards I have set personally.”

Corbett shared his thoughts about this prestigious honor. “What has been given to these cadets is from an institution that cares about the end product, meaning that when students leave this organization, they are prepared to go out in the world and make an impact,” said Corbett.  “It is not all about you. You have to prepare yourself to be able to bring someone up from where they are and instill in them the will to do! You have to be a part of something that is bigger than you!” he continued.

Cadet Tiffany McMillan agreed. “The ROTC Program has prepared us well to meet the challenges of the United States Army. Being recognized as a Distinguished Military Student is a privilege, meaning that all of the commitment and dedication that we have for this program has not gone unnoticed,” said McMillan.

The following cadets were recognized as Distinguished Military Students: Jevon Briggs, Eric Curry, Brian Erwin, Alexander Lee, Tiffany McMillan and Tequella Walker.