SC State Students Encouraged to Utilize On-Campus Services for Graduate School Preparation

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Felicia Wright, a program representative at Southern Wesleyan University in Charleston, S.C., was happy to return to her Alma Mater for Graduate and Professional Schools Day held recently on the SC State campus. “I was here from 1976 to 1980 and I enjoyed it,” said Wright. An enthusiastic Wright was also extremely proud of current SC State students who attended the Career Center’s annual event. “This has been one of the best fairs that I have ever attended,” noted Wright. “Today has been excellent, and I have seen a lot of students and a lot of different majors which makes me very proud.”

Wright was one of the over 40 representatives who converged on the SC State campus to inform students about their respective institutions during the Career Center’s annual Graduate and Professional Schools Day, and according to Dr. Charles Smith, vice president for the Division of Student Affairs, more students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities like Graduate and Professional Schools Day, the Career Center and other departments on campus that will assist them with getting into graduate school.

“All students, especially those who are graduating this spring, should understand the significance of utilizing the services offered by the University’s Career Center and the Counseling and Self-Development Center. These entities have been placed on our campus to serve all students, and to ensure that they receive the proper placement in graduate school immediately following undergraduate completion,” said Smith. “For those who are seeking full-time career opportunities, the Career Center can also assist tremendously with this endeavor.”

SC State’s Counseling and Self-Development Center, in existence for over 10 years, is on hand to provide test preparation for students entering graduate school. According to director, Dr. Cherilyn Minniefield, the Center works with testing service agencies such as Kaplan and the Princeton Review to help students who will be taking the MCAT or LSAT. In fact, Kaplan has been administering courses online and on the campus for a reduced cost during the past eight to 12 weeks. “We have worked to identify funding sources to offset the cost of graduate school preparation,” said Minniefield. “It’s a work in progress that also depends on student need and student demand.”

Although only a small amount of students are currently utilizing these test preparation services, Smith encourages more students to become engaged with both the Career Center and the Counseling and Self-Development Center. “After utilizing these departments, students will begin to understand how much easier things may become,” stated Smith.  Brittney McDaniel, a junior political science pre-law major who attended the recent Graduate and Professional Schools Day, couldn’t agree more. “Take advantage of these opportunities and events,” said Brittney. “You never know what kind of doors they could open.”