SSRP Academic Tutoring Services Closer to National/International Certification

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutor Award PictureThe Student Success and Retention Program’s (SSRP) Academic Tutoring Services expanded program and service offerings during the Spring 2011 semester.  With a total of 15 tutors who offer free, interactive and one-on-one and group tutoring to students, the program has strategically positioned itself in the residence halls, academic buildings and other areas across campus where students are most likely to take full advantage of tutoring at a time and location that is most convenient to their schedules.  The Academic Tutoring Services are currently offering tutoring in more than 51 courses across the math, science, English and business curriculum areas, along with offering practical skills training in test-taking, studying and note-taking, as well as test preparation for the PRAXIS I and II examinations.

Under the leadership of Terrence M. Cummings, executive director of the SSRP, the Academic Peer Tutoring Services program is aggressively training all of its tutors during on-going in-service and new tutor training sessions as a part of Phase I of the certification process.  At the conclusion of a three-phase process, the program will have successfully completed certification by three certifying bodies that are recognized across the country and internationally as the leading authorities in the regulation of standards for professional tutors in higher education.  Phase I involves the training of tutors who receive in-depth instructional training in the dynamics of individual and group-tutoring techniques, identifying and responding to varying learning styles and overall session management.  During the program’s most recent in-service training held on April 1st, 11 Peer Academic Tutors were presented with a certificate of completion for the first level of certification.  The Association for the Tutoring Profession awards certification for individual tutors who have completed a minimum of 10 hours of training and who have at least 25 hours of tutoring experience.  Cummings awarded certificates of completion to Alexis Penny-Mays, Chibueze Ubah, Debra Cardell, Devin Long, Eke Urum, Harishankar Kushwaha, Kwesi Lee, Madan Adhikari, Nkemakenam Okoye, Osceola Talps and Sampana Pokhrel for successfully completing the certification requirements as outlined by the Association for the Tutoring Profession.  Cummings is excited about the work that Anthony Wright, tutor coordinator, is doing to coordinate and streamline the tutorial services to provide a more comprehensive approach to providing academic support assistance to University students.

Phase II and III of the program will involve the completion of the certification requirements for the College Learning and Reading Association’s International Tutor Program Certification for programs that actively offer tutor training for higher education tutors, and the National Association for Developmental Education for certification of Learning Centers that offer tutoring services to a broad spectrum of the student population.  Phase I and II certification can be offered to other departments/divisions across the campus that provide tutoring services to students.  Cummings stated that “the ultimate goal of this multi-phase certification process is to streamline access to peer and developmental educational opportunities for students, to standardize training and peer learning techniques among student tutors working in varying programs at the University, to bring recognition to the importance of tutorial services in the academic success and retention of students, and to provide professional and academic credentialing to the University.”

For more information about participating in the tutor training program, please contact the SSRP at 803-536-8937.