Get Involved in SC State’s Aquatics Program

Monday, June 6, 2011

Are you hot and looking for a cool, relaxing way to have fun? Well this summer, join SC State University’s Aquatics Program and learn swimming techniques and tactics that can help save your life. Various aquatics programs will be offered for the entire family, such as the following:

  • Recreational swim for students provides students with a free and fun means of recreational exercise to help them stay in shape.
  • Pool Rental provides pool rentals that are open for birthday parties, family reunions, church gatherings and social extracurricular activities. The pool rental will be based on an hourly fee.
  • Basic swimming lessons provide an emphasis on learning proper body position, buoyancy and body alignment, and allow the student to be comfortable in the water.
  • Advanced swimming lessons provide continuation of stroke development and focus on stroke improvement for freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke and the introduction of breaststroke.  Endurance and techniques are developed and perfected. Diving and underwater swimming will also be introduced and developed.
  • Water Aerobics is a non-impact exercise program taught by a certified water aerobics instructor. Water aerobic workouts usually combine a variety of techniques from land aerobics, which includes walking or running backward and forward, jumping jacks and various arm movements. The workout may also incorporate equipment such as flotation devices. Water workouts and training builds cardio-respiratory fitness and muscle mass, improves flexibility and promotes weight loss. It is also used as a relaxation tool and stress buster.
  • Movies at the pool include entertainment at the pool with a full length movie screen and supervised swimming.
  • Rehabilitation for injuries provides low-impact rehabilitation exercises for physical injuries.


Session I for the SC State Aquatics Program is from Monday, June 13 through Saturday, June 25.  Session II is from Monday, June 27 through Saturday, July 9. Session III begins on Monday, July 11 and extends through Saturday, July 23. Swim lessons are $35 per session. Water aerobics are $25 per session and community swim classes are $10 per session. Interested participants should make payments to SC State’s Cashier’s Office, located on the first floor of the Crawford-Zimmerman Complex on the campus of SC State.

“We are here to serve the community. SC State’s Aquatics Program teaches children and adults how to swim effectively and efficiently,” says Dr. Crystal Nixon, director of the Aquatics Program.  “I guarantee that your child will learn how to swim by the end of the summer.”

For additional information about the various aquatics programs that SC State offers, contact Gloria Drayton, administrative coordinator of the Aquatics Program, at (803) 536-8067. You may also contact Dr. Crystal Nixon at (803) 536-7054.