Dr. Leonard A. McIntyre Shares Vision with SC States Stakeholders

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“For SC State University, I see a very bright future,” stated Dr. Leonard A. McIntyre, interim dean for the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences at the university and the first presidential candidate to meet the public. It was a full day of interviewing. Dr. McIntyre, spent the morning meeting with the SC State Board of Trustees. Later in the day, he presented to faculty and staff, the student body and alumni and friends of the University. These forums allowed him to share his accomplishments and his plans if he were to become the president of SC State.

Dr. McIntyre explained his vision and mission for SC State for the 21st century. “SC State University will be a premier institution respected and recognized among eminent public teaching and research universities in South Carolina, the nation and the world,” says Dr. McIntyre.  With conviction he stated that he believes that he is the person for this job. If given the opportunity to become president of this university he plans to work out the financial issues, improve public relations, increase recruitment and expand our international influence. Dr. McIntyre stated that, “he believes in a participatory leadership style and he would bring that to bear in his presidency.”