Dr. E. Newton Jackson Aims to Move SC State University Forward

Friday, April 12, 2013

“I believe that we have to be honest and transparent to get to where we are going,” stated Dr. E. Newton Jackson, who currently serves as the associate provost and associate vice president for Academic Affairs for the University of North Florida located in Jacksonville, Fla. Jackson was the final candidate of three to be interviewed for presidency at SC State. It was a full day of interviewing and forums with stakeholders to discuss their issues and concerns. Jackson spent the morning meeting with the SC State Board of Trustees. Later in the day, he met with various stakeholders and friends of the university. These forums allowed him to share his mission if he were to become the president of SC State as well as present a scope of key objectives that he would focus on. Jackson encouraged the faculty, staff and students to work together as a team. “There is no I in team. We have to move forward in order to make SC State the crown jewel that it once was.”

Jackson shared his vision for SC State for the 21st century. “Globalization is a reality. We can be better than what we are. We all have to believe; we can make this work,” said Jackson. If given the opportunity to become president of this university he plans to increase student enrollment for the fall semester by assisting with recruiting efforts, work tirelessly with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to ensure that we are in agreement with policies in place and improve fundraising efforts. He also plans to work cohesively with the students, the staff and the faculty to ensure that their concerns are met. “If selected as president of SC State University, I will be the captain of this ship. The faculty, staff and students are steering this ship and we will move in a new direction,” stated Jackson. Jackson also believes that the students should be SC State’s main primary focus, “It is our responsibility as a university to help you fulfill your dream,” he stated to students during their forum. SC State’s Board of Trustees will continue the presidential process as they move forward to select the most qualified candidate for presidency at the university.
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