SC State University Names Delbert T. Foster Acting Vice President of Research & Economic Development

Friday, June 21, 2013

Delbert T. FosterToday, SC State University President Thomas J. Elzey named Delbert T. Foster as acting vice president for research and economic development/executive director of 1890 Programs. Foster will assume the role of acting vice president on Monday, June 24, 2013. Foster brings a wealth of experience to this position and he will serve as the university representative in all matters related to research and/or economic development. Foster is elated about the opportunity to serve in the acting capacity.

“I am excited about being named as acting vice president of research and economic development and executive director of 1890 Research. This is a testament of hard work and dedication. I’ve been with 1890 Research and Extension since 1998,” says Foster. “This appointment ranks as one of the crowning moments of my professional career; taking into consideration my recent election as chairman of the association of extension administrators and my service on the board of directors for national 4-H council,” he continues. “I would like to thank the president for having confidence in me to serve in the acting capacity and provide an assessment of the division for his review and action as well as prepare the division for its permanent leader. It is a humbling experience for me and I accept it wholeheartedly.”

As acting vice president, Foster will provide oversight to the units of sponsored programs, environmental policy institute, the TRIO Programs and 1890 Research and Extension. Prior to this appointment, Foster served as the administrator of 1890 Extension Programs at SC State University where he was responsible for the overall leadership planning, direction and management of the 1890 Extension Program. Foster’s management and oversight responsibilities included supervision of all state and county administrative extension staff.  He was responsible for the preparation and submission of 1890 Research and Extension’s federal and state budgets; coordinator for the 1890 Facility Grant Program and served as an advisor to the administrator regarding budgetary, compliance and human resources issues. Foster also serves as the co-chairman of the 1890 Plan of Work committee.

Additional responsibilities include serving as the liaison between 1890 and SC State University, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Clemson University and the Budget and Control Board of the state of South Carolina.  Recently, Foster was named chairman of the Association of Extension Administrators (AEA) of the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities (APLU).

Foster replaces vice president for research and economic development and executive director of 1890 Research, John Rosenthal. “I would like to thank Mr. John Rosenthall for the service he provided to the division and university.  We wish him well in his future endeavors,” says President Thomas J. Elzey.