SC State University to conduct active shooter drill Tuesday

Monday, December 2, 2013

SC State University will conduct an active shooter exercise on campus Tuesday, Dec. 3 in the 10 a.m. hour.

Expected to occur no longer than 20 minutes, the drill is being held to test the university’s mass notification system and to assess its response to an authentic active shooter situation. Traffic, on and off campus, will be restricted during the drill.

“As we have seen throughout the nation, threats to college campuses are real, resulting in emotional and psychological stress, numerous injuries and, unfortunately, fatalities,” said Campus Police Chief Mernard Clarkson. “While SC State is unaware of no known threats to the university, as campus police, we want to ensure that we remain committed to our foremost priority and that is ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors to SC State,” said Clarkson.

SC State University police will be working in conjunction with the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety, Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, Orangeburg County Office of Emergency Services and the police departments from Claflin University and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.

Through a series of electronic communications, including social media, and through distribution of printed materials, members of the SC State University community have been informed about the drill as well as what should be done when an active shooter alert has been issued.

Students, staff and faculty were also encouraged to register for the university’s emergency notification system, known as e2campus. Individuals, who signed up, will receive notification to a registered email address or will receive notification via text message to a registered mobile device.

Once the university initiates campus lock down, persons are to remain calm, move to a safe and secure location and hide until the “all clear” prompt is given.

The university plans to hold a second drill in the spring. According to Chief Clarkson, SC State will use the information collected from the law enforcement officers who will be observing this week’s drill to enhance the university’s emergency response plan.

“Of course, a real-life situation is unpredictable,” said Clarkson. “This is not just training for South Carolina State University campus police, but these exercises will prepare the entire campus community on how to respond in the event of a real situation.”

Questions concerning the active shooter mock drill should be directed to SC State University Campus Police at (803) 536-7188.