Black Males Project host “The Board of Directors”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SC State University’s Student Success and Retention Programs’ Black Males Project hosted its second workshop for the Black Males Project participants and guests on February 18 in the K.W. Green Student Center’s Garnet and Blue Room at 6 p.m. The Black Males Project (BMP) is designed to increase the number of Black males who are interested in and prepared to pursue postsecondary educational opportunities. The speakers for this event were Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and Gerard Droze, whose topic of discussion was: “Not Easily Broken.”

The Board of Directors
In 2006, Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and Gerard Droze, employed by the same company, became close friends over regular lunch conversations.  The three young men frequently found their conversations gravitating towards one particular topic: manhood.  In those discussions a variety of topics related to manhood were discussed, ranging from their personal daily experiences to in depth analysis about the impact of the men in their lives.


In early 2009, the three friends began to feel as if they were together for a special reason and began to explore the ways that they could work together to fulfill the purpose of their meeting.  After some discussion, they settled on the idea to write a book about the one topic that was near and dear to all their hearts: manhood.

In August of 2009 they began the process of writing their book, “The Makings of a Man.”  During the writing process, they regularly attended the Power Lunch services at the Meeting Place Church International in Columbia, S.C. Because of their business-like demeanor and dress, one of the frequent Power Lunch attendees nicknamed them “The Board of Directors”.  The guys liked the name so much that they decided to use it as their group name.

In 2010, Jabari, Michael and Gerard formally founded The Board of Directors, LLC, an organization dedicated to nurturing the development of manhood throughout society via mentorship and personal accountability.  Their debut book, “The Makings of a Man” hit shelves in November 2010. Since then, the guys have appeared in numerous television and radio interviews and have been guest speakers at several events. They have also started a mentoring program at WG Sanders Middle School, working with boys in grades 6-8, and had a weekly radio segment on Speaking With Carl Thornton, Jr. on WTHB 1550AM in Augusta, S.C. that ran from January 2012 through August 2013. They are nearly complete with their second book and expect it to be released this summer.

The Board of Directors look forward to touching the lives of men across the world with their message that manhood in its truest form is attainable for all that wish to have “The Makings of a Man.”

“To continue to assist black males at SC State University, the Black Males Project (BMP) offered this event for black male collegians as The Board of Directors provided helpful suggestions on leadership, academic and career planning, society’s image of a man, carrying your weight as a man, as well as coping with life’s challenges,” said Marcus D. Corbett, coordinator of the Black Male Project and Call Me MISTER Program.

“I strongly encouraged black males on campus to participate in this special event and have an active share. Together we can empower one another and experience a great interchange of encouragement to build and support a brotherhood for success,” he continued.

For additional information about the Black Males Project (BMP), contact Marcus D. Corbett in Moss Hall, suite 115 or contact him at (803) 516-4977 or (803) 536-7142 as well as via email at