SC State Resumes Spring Drills

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ORANGEBURG, SC – South Carolina State resumed spring football drills Tuesday with a two-hour session under the lights.

Coach Buddy Pough and his staff welcomed back quarterback Cleve McCoy, the starter the past two years who had been sidelined for almost a week with a flu-like illness. Both McCoy, a senior, and redshirt junior Bryan Hardy, who had taken all the snaps during the former’s absence, appeared sharp in their throwing during a seven-on-seven drill.
Pough said he was somewhat pleased with Tuesday night’s workout. “It (the workout) was not a bad day,” he said. “We showed signs of progress. We have almost completed our installation and will now be able to involve the players in more intense situations.

“The important thing,” he continued “is that we continue to get a little bit better each day. We must continue to make strides and I think our players are working hard and grasping things pretty well.” Pough noted that he was a little concerned about the performance of the Bulldog special teams and that he and the staff would be working hard to instill in the players how significant special teams are to winning and losing football games. “I have not seen the passion on special teams that I think we need,” he said. “The staff and I will be spending a lot of time to get our players to realize that great play on special teams is very significant. We have lost games due to inadequate play on special teams and we have to get this over to our players. Take special teams play serious and show that you are passionate about it.”

The Bulldog mentor, beginning his sixth season at the helm, added that the team would hold an approximately 30-minute scrimmage at the end of Wednesday’s practice, which gets underway at 8 p.m.