SC State Concentrates on Special Teams, Passing Drills in Wednesday Workout

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ORANGEBURG, SC -- South Carolina State, Wednesday, in a two-hour workout under the lights, emphasized special teams, passing drills and pass protection, according to head coach Buddy Pough.

“We got in a good bit of work on special teams,” Pough said. “We feel that this is an area where you can win or lose ball games and think it very important that we are solid on special teams”

Pough said the Bulldogs also continued to give attention to fundamentals, while honing their passing game and pass protection.

“We devoted a considerable amount of work toward sharpening our passing game and our pass protection,” he said. “As we wind down our drills, we want to make sure that we can execute our passing game with efficiency. It’s also important that we can provide good pass protection for our throwers.”

SC State will take Thursday off before returning to the field Friday for a 4 p.m. workout. The Bulldogs will not conduct their weekly scrimmage on Saturday due to the Easter holiday, according to Pough. The team will resume drills Tuesday at 8 p.m.