SC State offers admission ‘on the spot’

Monday, May 14, 2007

Reprinted from The Times and Democrat

Students across the state are getting admitted to South Carolina State University on the spot.

Dr. Antonio Boyle demonstrated software to the university’s board of trustees that greatly enhances the recruitment, admissions and scholarship process.

Essentially, the software allows the admissions office to be fully functional off site. Equipped with laptops and a printer, Boyle and other admissions staff are able to go to high schools and other venues, input a student’s academic information, get them approved and print acceptance letters on site. Scholarships can also be offered on the spot.

“At West Ashley High School, we were on the spot with that technology and able to offer a student a presidential scholarship,” Boyle told the trustees. “He was on his way to the College of Charleston. Now he’s coming to South Carolina State. We go in there cold. Those who haven’t applied on the spot, we can showcase our institution.”

Boyle said they take admissions to places where they are historically known to have success, such as Columbia and Charleston, and to places like Atlanta where growth areas for S.C. State are. They are also able to go to nontraditional sites such as Greenville and Spartanburg and more rural areas and offer them a chance to consider S.C. State.

“We go out and get what we’ve gotten before and then some,” he said “Then we go to places we have not gone.”

“That makes us competitive,” President Dr. Andrew Hugine said. “The numbers are looking real good and will look even better.”