WLTX Teacher of the Week: Craig King, '04

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Craig King has been named WLTX TV-19 Teacher of the Week for a second time this year(Orangeburg) - If you don't remember the rock cycle from third grade, Craig King shows his students an unforgettable re-enactment.

"I want them to apply it. I want them to think back and say... in Mr. Kings class metamorphic rocks formed from heat and pressure," says King.

It's easy for him to describe the intensity of heat and pressure because of his own rock cycle he faced at 17.

"I was diagnosed with bone cancer. When you go through something like that; it brings everyday to life," King adds.

Even though King's life was placed on hold for a full year battling the disease, suprisingly he doesn't consider it his toughest challenge yet.

Instead the fourth year teacher is currently seeking National Board Certification.

"It's the highest level of accountability for a teacher. It will help me to teach that much better and I recieved my scores two days ago and I actually passed the video segment of the proces where you incorporate math and science," adds King.

It's another lengthy obstacle course he considers an oppportunity.

"Cancer is done and I'm healed; National Board Certification is my next big challenge that I will overcome and accomplish," King says.

It's pretty obvious the high expectations are not just for himself, but he has the same standards for his faithful followers.

King will have a Masters Degree from South Carolina State University in Rehabilitation Counseling in a few months and hopes to wrap up his National Board Certification process soon after.

Sharie Harvin, Reporter
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