SC State and OCtech create “The Gateway Program”

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College and South Carolina State University have signed an agreement creating, “The Gateway Program” between the two-year college and the four-year university. The Program is intended for any OCtech student who hopes to eventually continue their studies at SC State. The new program will take effect in Fall 2008.

"South Carolina State University is fully aware of the educational challenges in entering four-year colleges," said Dr. George E. Cooper, president, SC State. "The collaborative relationship between S.C. State and OC Tech provides an easy educational transition for local students to complete associate and baccalaureate degrees. This allows us to expand our role in producing contributing members of society," he continued.

Dr. Anne Crook, president of OCtech, is “enthusiastic about the new agreement with SC State. We believe that this initiative shows that our colleges and universities can work together to raise the educational attainment of all students. There are many potential students that know of and value the traditions of being a ‘Bulldog’ but perhaps are not quite ready to transition to the University. This initiative will give them the opportunity to begin their college work in a smaller classroom setting while still enjoying some of the traditions of the University.”

Students served by this Program will begin their academic studies at OCtech. After having completed at least 30 semester hours of transferable work, the students will be eligible for transfer to SC State. Students may also choose to complete the requirements for an associate degree at OCtech before transferring.

“The Gateway Program” students may have been denied admission to SC State for either academic or space available reasons. The Program is also designed for students who want to begin enrollment at OCtech for financial or other reasons and plan to transfer to SC State at some point in the future.

Admission policies and procedures of SC State and OCtech will be followed. First year admission will be determined by OCtech and subsequent transfer will be determined by existing transfer admissions policies at South Carolina State University.

While enrolled in classes on OCtech’s campus, students in “The Gateway Program” will have access to a variety of services offered by SC State. These services include student advising, career services, and sessions specifically designed for gateway program participants that address personal and academic success.

Students who want to be more involved in student life at SC State may pay additional fees and have access to optional programs and services. Optional programs and services include health services, campus meals and dining services, student activities, and SC State student prices to select events and athletic events.

SC State and OCtech are collaborating to ensure “The Gateway Program” includes the features needed for a successful college transfer experience. Through a fall orientation program at OCtech, gateway students will learn about admissions, financial aid, available student success programs and student life activities. In the spring, SC State will host a similar program where students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with personnel from admissions, financial aid, student success and retention programs, student life and leadership, the career center, and representatives from their chosen academic area.

“This partnership with SC State presents a wonderful opportunity to enhance the access to a post secondary education in our region. OCtech looks forward to our continued relationship as we provide a quality learning environment for students while offering the student life activities students seek in a traditional four year university,” said Dr. Walter Tobin, vice president for Academic Affairs at OCtech.

Students will also be offered the opportunity to be matched with a transfer student advisor the semester before entering SC State to answer questions as the student prepares for his or her transition to the University.

“The Gateway Program” offers access to students, and by implementing such an outstanding program, we are fulfilling the mission for which we were founded, which is to provide educational opportunities to all who desire,” said Antonio Boyle, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management at SC State.

For more information on “The Gateway Program”, contact Erica S. Prioleau, director of University Relations and Marketing at SC State at (803) 516-4791, and Faith McCurry, public relations coordinator at OCtech at (803) 535-1424.