SC State’s Bridge Project recently held its inaugural summer culminating awards program.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


SC State’s Bridge Project recently held its inaugural summer culminating awards program

The Bridge Project sought talented high school students who desired to become great educators. As a result of “Bridge Project” attendees are now prepared to meet the needs of demanding and ever-changing classrooms. The Project was designed by Dr. Leonard McIntyre, and Delvina Wescott serves as assistant director of the Bridge Project.

The Bridge Project helps students enhance their reading, writing, and math skills through rigorous tutoring and testing. The project’s t-shirt was donated by the Class of 1955 who will be announcing a scholarship to support this project in the future.

“The reason for the program is to increase the number of well-qualified teachers around the I-95 corridor, stated, Dr. Gail Joyner- Fleming, the program director for the SC State Bridge Project.

This year, 62 low country students from Allendale, Clarendon, Hampton 2, Orangeburg 5 and Williamsburg school districts attended the two-week residential program.

To have been chosen to attend, students must be rising seniors, or seniors that are going to be college freshmen, and want to become educators. The students must also have a 2.75 GPA and they have to be recommended by an English and Mathematics high school teacher.

“The earlier the students take the test, the better they will do, and they will also become more successful in all their future endeavors,” said Dr. Fleming.

The Bridge Project’s vision is to prepare low country students with the knowledge to identify and correct student deficiencies, scholarship, student productivity, and to transform curricula by using technological resources to reach students who need assistance with the PRAXIS I exam in the areas of qualitative science, literature and writing composition.

“This program has influenced me even more to become a teacher, I am pleased to have been afforded this awesome opportunity,” stated Sheree Grant, recipient of the Miss Congeniality Award.

“This was an extremely successful year, and we owe it all to the students for their participation,” stated Dr. Joyner- Fleming.

For more information about The Bridge Project contact Antia L. Dawkins, public information specialist, University of Relations and Marketing, at (803)533-3713.