SC State to deliver textbooks to Zanzibar: Part II

Friday, August 22, 2008


SC State University’s President, Dr. George E. Cooper and University officials will once again travel to Zanzibar to officially deliver textbooks and learning materials to the President of Zanzibar, His Excellency Amani Abied Karume.

SC State made a significant impact on the Country’s educational system in January 2008 when more than 265,000 Biology textbooks and learning materials were delivered to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Zanzibar (MoEVT).

The Textbooks and Learning Materials Program (TLMP), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a part of President George W. Bush’s African Education Initiative that aims to expand the academic opportunities of African students. SC State has received $5 million from the project to write the textbooks and produce learning materials.

As a result of the continued partnership and commitment to education that the country of Zanzibar has with SC State, in May 2008, President Karume traveled to Orangeburg, and delivered the commencement address to more than 460 SC State graduates, the largest in the history of the University.

Joining President Cooper will be principal investigator for the textbooks and learning materials program (TLMP), Dr. Leonard McIntyre, program manager, Lamin E. Drammeh, lead writer for textbooks, Elbert Malone, and director of University Relations and Marketing, Erica Prioleau.

“I am excited about the trip to Zanzibar and the potential that it provides for future collaborations for our faculty, staff and students. The second Handing-Over Ceremony will distribute a total of 648,000 books for math and science education for the secondary level, Forms 1 to 4, which is equivalent to our high school level,” said President Cooper.


“The experience embraces our land-grant tradition in providing educational access and opportunity and extends our campus to Zanzibar in East Africa,” he added.

At the program’s conclusion, which will be in September 2008, SC State and its partners will have provided more than 1 million textbooks and learning materials in science and mathematics at the secondary level for the students of Zanzibar.

“This has been a very productive and meaningful collaborative partnership and we look forward to future contributions that will be of mutual benefit to both SC State University and Tanzania,” said Dr. Leonard McIntyre, principal investigator for the textbooks and learning materials program (TLMP).


The island nation of Zanzibar is united with mainland Tanzania but is largely autonomous. The nation is composed of three ethnic groups including Indian, Arab and African.