SC State interns present environmental findings at Savannah River Site

Thursday, August 28, 2008


SC State students have been hard at work this summer, interning as part of Dr. John B. William’s research project with the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) and Savannah River Site (SRS). The four students’ efforts included assisting with the environmental cleanup strategies implemented by SRS.

This is the 10th year that SC State’s department of Biology sponsored the ten-week internship. The internship consisted of SC State students majoring in science, math, and engineering technology.

"Our students did a fantastic job both in the quantity and quality of their work,” stated Dr. John Williams, professor of biological sciences.

The cleanup site known as CMP-Pits has contaminated groundwater, and Dr. Williams’ project is helping to determine how well nature is removing the contaminants. During the internship students learned about plume remediation, a mixture of water and chemicals that moves away beneath the soil in a waste site. The students also participated in augering and contaminant sampling.

“The Savannah River Site internship has given me a better understanding on the importance of environmental remediation,” stated Chris Carter, electrical engineering major at SC State.

Dr. Williams and the student interns presented their plume remediation findings to the Department of Energy on Aug. 6 and received praise for their work. Mr. Jeff Ross of Savannah River Site stated that SC State was “providing vital information to their soil and groundwater cleanup efforts.”

Dr. Gary Mills at the University of Georgia added that Dr. Williams’ project was providing “some of the most detailed groundwater information at Savannah River Site.”

"We hope to continue our work for Savannah River Site with future internships. We have made much progress towards understanding plume remediation but important questions about plume movement and cleanup still confront us, "said Dr. John Williams.

For additional information on the SRS internship, please contact Antia L. Dawkins, public relations specialist at the Office of University Relations and Marketing at (803)533-3713.