The James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center Receives Third Fellowship

Monday, December 8, 2008

– The James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center (JECUTC) at SC State recently received a third fellowship for students pursuing a master of science degree in Transportation.

The National Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management (NDCIEM) Transportation Fellowship was obtained through a grant received by the JECUTC through a joint partnership with Jackson State University’s Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.

“Though this partnership, the JECUTC will be able to provide three (3) $7,000 fellowships annually for students seeking a Master’s degree in Transportation at SC State, said Dr. Reinhardt Brown, interim executive director for the JECUTC.

The principle focus of the education component of the grant is to develop educational curricula focused on national disasters that will serve as a firm and enduring foundation for producing the next generation of highly educated, creative and innovative researchers. Additionally the grant will help solve the existing and future Department of Homeland Security challenges relating to natural disasters in coastal areas.

Brown noted the important role that transportation plays during an evacuation caused by natural disasters.

“The orderly movement of people, goods, and services is vital to any successful evacuation procedure, therefore it was important to write a transportation component into this grant,” stated Brown.

The center also offers the James E. Clyburn Transportation Fellowship Award and the Leroy Davis Transportation Fellowship Award.

Prospective students with an undergraduate GPA of 2.85 or better will be eligible to apply for the transportation fellowship beginning December 2008.

Persons interested in applying for this fellowship should contact Jim Gordon, JECUTC education coordinator at (803) 536-8863.